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An Essential Guide To Trekking And Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Effectively And Successfully

No Tanzania tour can be complete without touring and climbing the Kilimanjaro which is the primary reason why every tourist should be armed with essential tips on how to climb the mountain with ease and stress-free. It is also necessary to note that most people find it difficult to trek and mountaineer the region due to lack of proper preparation which makes preparation more about the first and crucial part of the success of the experience.

As one goes through the grassland of Tanzania, they catch the fantastic sight of the breathtaking Mt. Kilimanjaro which is 5892m high which is the reason why it is considered as the highest mountain in the entire continent of Africa as well as one of the Seven Summits that most mountaineers love to climb. It is also essential to note that climbing the Kilimanjaro can be achieved in several ways, and trekking is one of them as long as one is fit to do so. It all takes physical fitness, confidence and some hiking experience and one is good to trek the mountain successfully and effectively and in the end, make one's way to the summit. It is also recommended that one consults with an experienced tour company and trekking guide before they embark on the mission. Discussed below are some of the essential tips and guidelines that one should put in mind when planning for the trekking and climbing trip.

Choose the best time
Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro effectively and depends on the season of the year and the year which is the reason why one should choose their mountaineering time effectively. The best time to climb the mountain is during the dry and warm months such as January, February, and September as one does not have to deal with unfavorable weather conditions such as rain, mud, cold and snow as well as ice.

Select the most convenient route
Numerous routes can be used to climb the mountain, and each one of them has its unique specialties and features which make them different from the others. Some of the most popularly used include Shira, Lemosho, Rongai, and Machane and the tourists have to choose not only the safest and most secure but also the longest if they have to have their way to the summit which results from altitude acclimatization. It is also essential to not only carry everything that one needs for the experience but to also prepare themselves physically and mentally as well. You may just click here for more.

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